About Bigfoot Reviews

Bigfoot Reviews was created by author/editor Vanessa Anderson and her husband Josh Gonzales for all writers who bear the lion's share of marketing responsibility in their publishing endeavors. Inspired by the same system major publishing houses have been using to garner reviews and exposure for their authors for decades, Bigfoot Reviews offers a way for readers to support authors efficiently and ethically (i.e., without bias), within the guidelines required by popular book sales sites.

Bigfoot Reviews connects authors with a like-minded community of readers and authors all working toward the same goal: global domination. Kidding. But a ready-made marketing platform after the very hard work of writing a novel is nice, right?

“The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes." — Andre Gide

The Team

Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa Anderson, Founder and CEO, is an author, editor, and entrepreneur on a mission to bolster hope within the writing community that she is proud to be a part of, sympathizes with deeply, and has fallen in love with thanks to social media (a silver lining in an otherwise den of chaos). She also has a stack of degrees, does a lot of traveling, and would love to invent time travel, but right now she’s focused on helping authors build a readership.

Josh Gonzales

Josh Gonzales, Co-founder and COO, is a master of operational efficiency and the head of marketing; if you found us through social media, you have him to thank. He also has a stack of degrees, a strong background in business, and is a fierce supporter of his wife’s dreams. He looks forward to advancements in VR gaming and hopes to eventually be abducted by aliens, but right now he’s too busy caring for a house full of rescue dogs to wander the desert with his thumb out.

Aarti Dhiman

Aarti Dhiman, Lead Full Stack Developer, is a keen programmer with a Bachelor of Engineering and over seven years of experience, specializing in Theme Development, E-Commerce Store development and integration, plugin development and customization, 3rd Party Integrations, Upgrade and Migration. You name it, she can do it.

Andie Sanders

Andie Sanders, Head of Customer Happiness and Outreach, is a master of conflict resolution with degrees in business and psychology and a strong background in management. She is also an aspiring author and avid reader. She hopes to one day backpack through Asia while working remotely, but right now she’s focused on organic vegetable gardening and beach yoga.

Weston Caulder

Weston Caulder, Growth Marketer and Content Creator, is a man of many magnificent words. He has degrees in business and journalism and hopes to one day win a Pulitzer for ending some form of social injustice through investigative reporting. In the meantime, he’s a voracious reader, writer, and our resident blogger and email marketing manager.

Barry Bigfoot

Barry Bigfoot, Slogan Inspiration and Mascot, is the Hide and Seek champion on at least two continents. He is working on a book about bird watching, a murder mystery surrounding the disappearance of hikers in Redwood National Forest, and a cookbook of quick and easy campfire recipes. He hopes to one day travel without being mistaken for his famous cousin Harry from Seattle, who starred in a movie with John Lithgow.